Call for Content in Worldwide 24-hour TechDays Event

For the first time ever, you can join the entire world-wide developer community together online for one continuous 24 hour period of learning and connecting using the “Defy All Challenges.Together.” Developer Tools campaign.  This free event will begin at 8am in APAC and conclude 24 hours later in the Americas. 

Ambitious? Yes.  Crazy? Absolutely.  Can we do it? You bet!

This event is open to developers all over the world to speak on a topic you care deeply about, even if you have never presented at a Microsoft event in the past. Submit your event topic today at Microsoft Virtual TechDays 2009.

Through the TechDays online event portal, registered attendees will participate through Live Meeting or recorded on-demand sessions for more than 90 sessions.  Topics will be on any technology within 5 tracks:

  • Interoperability.

  • Developer tools & practices.

  • Client development.

  • Mobile development.

  • Web development.

Submit your topic today. The event is April 1.

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