ASP.NET MVC 1.0 Release Candidate Now Available

Scott Gurthrie, Vice President of the .NET Developer Platform, has announced that release candidate for ASP.NET MVC has been released. It works with both Visual Studio 2008 and the free Visual Web Developer 2008. You can download the release from here.

ASP.NET MVC enables you to build Model View Controller (MVC) applications by using the ASP.NET framework. ASP.NET MVC helps you clearly separate of concerns, supports test-driven development, gives you fine grained control over HTML and JavaScript, gives your user intuitive URLs.

New features in this release include:

  • Visual Studio Tooling Improvements

    • Add Controller command that creates controllers within Visual Studio.

    • Add View command that creates views within Visual Studio.

    • Templates used to create controllers and views are customizable.

    • You can go directly to a view or controller from within Visual Studio menus.

    • A built-in MSBuild task that you can use to include views as part of the project compilation process.

    • View refactoring.

  • View Improvements

    • Views without Code-Behind Files.

    • You can set the title of a page using a content placeholder.

    • Strongly-typed expression syntax when referring to the Model when using a View's HTML and AJAX helper objects.

  • Form post improvements

  • Unit testing improvements

  • Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Protection

  • File Handling Improvements

  • AJAX Improvements

The official release is schedule for next month.

Learn more details about what is in the release and how to update your existing applications at Guthrie's blog posting, ASP.NET MVC 1.0 Release Candidate Now Available.

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