Designers, Developers Ramp-up with Februrary XAMLFest Events Across the USA

John Pelak has been writing a lot about the XAMLFest events across the United States. These are two-day interactive event where you’ll learn about the platforms, tools and processes used to deliver differentiated user experiences.  It’s a chance for you to mingle with user experience minded Microsoft folks and industry leading design firms and design integrators. You'll learn about WPF and Silverlight.

Each Xamlfest day will start with interactive sessions by Microsoft and our design partners, followed by a free lunch and a chance to network, have some fun and win prizes.  Each afternoon will be geared toward assisted development with instructor-led walkthroughs, or better yet, come with your own project in mind. 

We’ll help kick start your very own proof of concept.

Here's the summary of events in February.




New York, NY

Feb 9 – 10

Farmington, CT

Feb 12 – 13

Redmond, WA

Feb 16 – 17

Portland, OR

Feb 19 – 20

Atlanta, GA

Feb 23 – 24

Waltham, MA

Feb 26 – 27

Sign up today. Seats are limited.

Bring your laptop. Get a copy of Expression Blend and Visual Studio 2008 Pro.

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  1. In December, I blogged about XamlFest , a free event in Waltham, MA that gave attendees a chance to learn

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