Azure Issue Tracker Sample Application Demonstrates Multi-tenant ISV, SaaS Solutions.

Azure Services Evangelism team is pleased to announce the release of the Azure Issue Tracker sample application.  This demo is appropriate for demonstrating multi-tenant ISV, SaaS solutions. 

Two releases have been announced.

  • A Standard version shows federation with Windows LiveID users, integration with SQL Data Services, and the core claims-based authorization model and architecture using the .NET Access Control Service.  You can download the Standard version today from the Codeplex project page.

  • The Enterprise version will follow soon.  It shows federation with any SAML identity provider, additional client scenarios, rich management and monitoring tools.  Look for this announcement and more details in the following weeks.

Ryan Dunn will blog about how the architecture was put together and what challenges are solved.

About Azure Issue Tracker Sample Application

Azure Issue Tracker application is a sample application that allows users to capture and track various types of issues.  These issues might take the form of bugs for a software project, tasks for a workgroup, or some other task-oriented process.  The issues can be shared and assigned to other users of the Issue Tracker application.  This is a real-world sample of SaaS, incorporating multi-tenancy, federation, and claims-based authorization.  This sample application is designed to demonstrate how several services provided by the Azure Services Platform can be used.   In the current release, these services include SQL Data Services and the .NET Access Control Service.

For more information, see Azure Issue Tracker Sample Application project page on Codeplex.

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