Report on the First 24 Hours with Windows 7

Denny Boynton provides an in-depth report of his experience with Windows 7. His blog post, My First Twenty-Four Hours With Windows 7, explains his first impressions. And while skeptical, he applied Windows 7 to an older Intel, dual core 2.0GHz processor with 2GB RAM. Some highlights:

  • He reports doing a clean install in about 20 minutes, boots fast.

  • Applications are more responsive although he doesn't have an scientific data. And might be faster on 32-bit machines.

  • He notices the user interface (UI) enhancements including thumbnails of the application windows that are minimized. Sidebar gadgets can go anywhere you want on the desktop.

  • He dubs User Access Control (UAC) as being "right sized".

  • And he likes the ability to access and configure attached devices in one place.

  • He wasn't impressed with the memory footprint of Windows 7 Beta and mentions that it'll probably be trimmed down before it goes final.

To read his complete review, see My First Twenty-Four Hours With Windows 7. To get yourself a copy of Windows 7, see Welcome to Windows 7. Click Download the Windows 7 Beta link on the top of the page.

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