Updated Windows Live Offers Your Customers New Ways to Share Information

At the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) this week, Steve Ballmer made a very significant announcement: the availability of the new version of Windows Live.  The new Windows Live is designed to make it much easier to communicate and share experiences with the people you care about, and stay connected to the content and information that matters to you. In addition to market-leading and award-winning email and messenger client/services, Windows Live now infuses social networking across your online world. For instance, you can add people to your network by inviting your Facebook friends to appear on your Profile page. You can also set up a group for your family to share photos, messages, and more.

Windows Live has changed the way you can share photos and keep in touch with each other both on the PC and the phone, and it has transformed the way we coordinate and manage our work and family calendars. I encourage you to start using it, and I bet that you’ll find it does the same for you and your family.

For ISVs, you can use Live Framework create new ways for your applications to participate with your users. The Framework provides you with access to the calendars, contacts, and other information that the user elects to share. In addition, you can add your information for your users.

The Live Framework Software Development Kit (SDK) includes API kits, documentation, tools, and code samples to help you start building applications using Live Services.

The Live Framework Tools for Visual Studio makes it easier to create, edit, build, and debug Mesh Applications from within Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Web Developer Express Edition 2008.

For more infomration, see Live Framework SDK and Tools that's part of the Azure Services Platform. The Live Framework team blog provides information about how to build real-world applications on Live Framework. For example, it shows how to connect your Web site to Live using delegated authorization.

And you can hear about the inner-workings of the new Live Services developer stack-the Live Framework. See the engine that makes it all work, and cover advanced topics such as hybrid client/cloud scripting, custom object extensibility, and complex batching and optimizations. Learn not only about the "what" and "how," but about the theory and "why" behind the new Live Framework architecture. All this in a Channel 9 video, Live Services: Live Framework Programming Model Architecture and Insights.

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