How to Try Out Windows 7 Beta

Steve Balmer announced the availability of Windows 7 Beta at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) this week. Built on the foundation of Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista, Windows 7 provides greater security and manageability for remote and local PCs, while improving on the fundamentals of performance and reliability. Your customers will be asking ISVs to be supporting Windows 7.

Partners can get Windows 7 Beta in several ways:

  • Through your TechNet Subscription.

  • From your MSDN Subscription site.

MVPs can access Windows 7 Beta through their MVP Connect program.

You can also get access to Windows 7 Beta through the Windows 7 Beta Customer Preview Program (CPP). The release is limited. That said, it will be the largest release for early adopters. You can learn more about Windows 7 Beta and get support through Springboard.


The Springboard Series on TechNet provides dynamic information and structured resources to help you explore, test, pilot, and deploy the latest Windows OS in your environment. Discover how Windows 7 can help you better manage and secure your PC client infrastructure, and find the tools and resources to guide you through each stage of the adoption process—from both Microsoft experts and our community of IT professionals around the world

Your Comments Welcome

You can comment on Windows 7 through Microsoft TechNet Windows 7 forums. These forums will be monitored by MVPs and Microsoft subject matter experts to allow global coverage.

Value of Windows 7 for Your Customers

Windows 7 will make your customers more productive ine the way that you work today:

  • DirectAccess: Gives mobile users seamless access to corporate networks without a need to VPN.

  • BranchCache: Decreases time branch office users spend waiting to download files across the network.

  • Search Federation: Search information on the PC, mail or SharePoint in a consistent way.

More Secure

  • BitLocker & BitLocker To Go: Helps protect data on PCs hard-drives and memory sticks, with manageability to enforce encryption and backup of recovery keys.

  • AppLocker: Specifies what software is allowed to run on user’s PCs through centrally managed, but flexible, Group Policies.

More manageable

  • Deployment Tools: Maintain images with enhanced offline servicing, deploy using less bandwidth.

  • PowerShell 2.0: With graphical editor, easier to automate repetitive tasks.

  • VDI  Enhancements: Improved user experience for VDI with multimon and microphone support.

Assistance for IT Pros

Ask your IT Pros to check out these sites:

  • First Look at Windows 7  - Help IT Pros get a better idea of how Windows 7 will impact their day-to-day work, particularly in the areas of manageability, security and compliance, and deployment.

  • Usie Group Policy Preferences to Manage Diversity - Helps you understand how to manage a mixed environment of Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 PCs.

  • Visit the Springboard Series for Windows 7  to register for the Windows 7 Beta and access rich content including video walkthrough.

  • Find out more at the Springboard Series Virtual Roundtable. Learn about the evolution of features like Group Policy, BitLocker To Go, DirectAccess, BranchCache, and Software Restriction then get tips on troubleshooting, deployment, and application compatibility.

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