Webcasts Help You Get Started With Azure Services Platform

If you’re a developer and you’re new to Azure Services Platform, there's a great place to start. Our ISV Innovation site has posted a Web seminar you’ll learn what Windows Azure is, and what is provided by the Azure Services Platform. You’ll learn about technologies that are available today, and those that are on the horizon.

There are two sets of Webcasts. One set is for developers:


Another is for business decision makers:

The course trainer is Bill Lodin is Vice President of IT Mentors. His background helps him provide an objective, real-world perspective on the practical application of programming technologies in the business environment


And if you've been wondering what this cloud stuff, S+S, or SaaS is all about, a video will be available on January 12 entitied Windows Azure: Principles of Cloud Computing, SAAS, S+S. You’ll see how Windows Azure and the Azure Services Platform provide the technical implementation of SAAS and S+S, and how you can leverage this infrastructure for your next great application.

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