How to Build Silverlight Business Applications Across Networks

Enterprise-class applications being built by ISVs require secure delivery of line-of-business (LOB) information across network boundaries. They are often provided over the Internet and require a role-based user interface and data trimming applied for the business context.

Silverlight and .NET Framework 3.5 supplies excellent capabilities for building such scalable and secure LOB applications. The lightweight Silverlight runtime running inside a sandbox provides framework libraries for integration with back-office data services. In order to build robust applications with Silverlight, architects and developers need to understand the Silverlight programming model and its framework features in the context of a real-world application.

Hanu Kommalapati has put together an article in MSDN Magazine entitled Build Line-Of-Business Enterprise Apps With Silverlight, In the article he builds an application from the ground up. He describes screen pop notification, the asynchronous programming model, Silverlight dialog boxes, and cross-domain TCP policy server implementation.

In short, he provides a blueprint to your real-life Silverlight application from the ground up. It's worth the read.


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