More Limited Time Deals for Visual Studio, Visual Studio Team Suite, MSDN

Three big discount programs are now being offered on Visual Studio for a limited time.

  • Step up to the complete Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Suite, and save 30%. That’s a huge savings to give your development team the full suite of tools - and help them collaborate better than ever during the entire application lifecycle.

  • Anyone who purchases Visual Studio Team System 2008 Development Edition with an MSDN Premium subscription can also download the Database Edition from their account—or vice-versa – at no additional cost.

  • Upgrade to an MSDN Professional or Premium Subscription with your current edition of Visual Studio 2005 or 2008 Professional, and you could save more than $500. Plus, if you start a new 2- or 3-year MSDN Premium Subscription today, you’ll also get Visual Studio 2010 when it ships, as well as SQL Server 2008, Expression Web 2 and Expression Blend 2 with support for Silverlight 2 development.

For a list of resellers and more information on discounts, see when you round out your Visual Studio Team System to

And as previously announced, if you are a member of the Microsoft Partner Program with the ISV or Custom Development competency, you can get 66% off Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Suite. For more information see Visual Studio Team Suite Promotional Offer. Good through December 2008.

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