Discover the Internet Explorer 8 Developer Tools

Developers are discovering the new capabilities of Internet Explorer's 8 developer tools. The new tools let you to review the internal representation of a Web page from the browser's perspective.

You can use the Developer Tools to:

  • Viewing individual attributes

  • Determining why a particular CSS rule is applied to an individual element

  • Previewing different document compatibility modes

  • Debug and profile your JavaScript

Developer Tools are available from a menu item inside Internet Explorer.

Javascript Debugging and Profiling. The broswer it now supports console.log, just-in-time debugging, and has better usability through changes like an improved file chooser. You can use the built-in JScript profiler to find your profiling hot spots. For more information, see Script Debugging and Script Profiling.

CSS Live Editing. With live editing of cascading style sheets, you can click a property name, value, or selector, and then type in a new value.

Modes Testing. ou can test your web pages in different modes. When the Developer Tools are open for the first time, they detect a Web page's mode settings and treat them as the default modes of that page. You can then test the Web page using the Browser Mode and the Document Mode menus.

Outline Your HTML. The Outline submenu of the Developer Tools menu highlights sets of objects on a Web page. This helps you understand where elements appear on the Web page, as well as the types of elements used to create specific effects.

Save Your HTML. You can save your HTML into a text file directly from Internet Explorer, eliminating the possible changes in pasting your results into a text file.

Learn more about Developer Tools in Internet Explorer 8 at Discovering the Internet Explorer 8 Developer Tools.

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