Add Search to Your Site Using Updated Live Search SDK

A Live Search team has released a community preview of the next version of its interface for application programmers. The project named Project Silkoad, lets you build applications without restrictions around presentation. The beta version of V2 is now available.

Getting started is simple:

  1. Decide what search content you want to display on your site.

  2. Choose from JSON, SOAP, or XML output,

  3. Customize the output according to the needs of your own search application.

You can get started at the Live Search Developer Center. The site provides you with links to create the AppID, which is needed to access Live Search, documentation, the software developer kit (SDK), and forums.

Several changes were announced improving the Live Search SDK for developers. There are no limits to the amount of queries your sites can make. And you can rank the content how they want. Developers also can syndicate Microsoft's image search, news search, and phone-book search and have complete control within your site. And you don't have to run Microsoft Live Search ads on your sites,

That said, if you are in the United States, you can join the pilot program for putting ads on your site. For more information, see Monetize your search application.

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