Download Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio

With the new Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio, we make it easy for Visual Studio and .NET developers to build, debug, test, and deploy Web applications for our cloud platform. You can build an ASP.NET Web application using the same tools and techniques you use today – the experience is the same.

The tools include a developer cloud environment that runs on your machine, so you can test and debug your applications before deploying them.  The tool will also make it very easy to deploy your applications to the cloud with just a couple of clicks.  You can download the Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio CTP to try it out today.

There are many more benefits of Windows Azure for the developer. It runs the .NET Framework so you can use things like ASP.NET to build your cloud Web applications. You can use all of the application features built into ASP.NET, like session state, caching, membership, and roles, with providers for Windows Azure that we have available as samples.  Windows Azure has a high-scale storage service that your applications can use to store data. This storage service works great with the new ADO.NET Data Services feature in .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, so you can use it as a .NET developer.

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