Couldn’t get to PDC? Then Look for MDC in a Town Near You

That’s right, if you couldn’t get out to L.A. this week to attend PDC you’ll be interested in knowing that we are planning on hosting 1 day events around the US.  In these events we will present some of the key topics from PDC.  The cost is minimal at just $99 a person to attend and there will be cool giveaways too!

You can find more info at the MSDN Developer Conference website.

Date Location
12/9/08 Houston, TX
12/11/08 Orlando, FL
12/16/08 Atlanta, GA
1/13/09 Chicago, IL
1/13/09 Minneapolis, MN
1/16/09 Washington, DC
1/20/09 New York, NY
1/22/09 Boston, MA
1/22/09 Detroit, MI
1/26/09 Dallas, TX
2/19/09 San Francisco, CA

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