Live Services SDK Previewed

Many capabilities of the Live Services platform were demoed today, including how developers can build rich applications and experiences that can be extended to over 400 million users of the company’s Windows Live services such as Windows Live Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger. In addition, Live Services can be extended by ISVs through an SDK to syncronize data within an application across multiple devices using Live Mesh.

Live Services platform is the means by which products such as Windows Live, Office Live and Xbox LIVE deliver experiences that span beyond the level of a single PC, mobile device or the Web. And that these same capabilities are now being offered to developers through the Live Services platform that is part of Windows Azure Services Platform.

Many aspects of Live Services including Live Mesh were demonstrated. Live Mesh is a service for synchronizing any user’s documents, media, files and application data across multiple PCs and devices, and is available as an open beta at for Windows and Windows Mobile. At PDC2008, powerful synchronization capabilities of Live Mesh have been opened to developers through a community technology preview (CTP) of Live Framework. Using the Framework Web developers can extend you Web applications to a world of Windows-based PCs and extending their Web applications offline.

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