Real World SOA Site Shows Off Customer Stories

A new "Real World SOA happens {here}” online campaign site is live!  Visit to learn more about Real World Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).  Hear customers tell their stories of how SOA from Microsoft - and a real world approach - is delivering significant, tangible and measurable benefits to their businesses.

Real World SOA is grounded in creating SOA solutions for specific business problems quickly, by using skills and products that are already familiar - and incrementally, by delivering timely solutions that align with your existing business goals. Thousands of customers have responded to this perspective on SOA - beginning to realize business value, and drive new projects and initiatives forward each year.

ISVs enable applications to take advantage of SOA with connected systems that are part of .NET including Windows Communications Foundation (WCF) and Windows Workflow Foundation (WF). A service architecture enables your customers to connect the data in your application into their enterprises.

Watch for announcement in the coming week at PDC with Oslo and cloud services in ways to make creating SOA applications easier.

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