Enabling Offline capabilities by Microsoft Sync Framework (RTM)

One of the values of Microsoft Software + Services strategy is enabling offline capabilities to your online software assets. Software + Service paradigm allows you to work offline with your data and then automatically synchronizes it on the cloud. Disconnected or occasionally connected software which is the right solution for many road warriors and also for folks who work from home and not have the same kind of bandwidth and don’t/can’t be always connected.

Microsoft Sync Framework is a comprehensive synchronization platform that enables collaboration and offline scenarios for applications, services and devices. Developers can build sync ecosystems that integrate any application, any type of data, using any protocol over any network.

The Microsoft Sync Framework provides a platform for taking web services and databases offline. In addition, it provides optimized P2P sync of any type of file including contacts, music, videos, images and settings. The extensible framework includes built-in support for synchronizing databases, NTFS/FAT file systems, FeedSync compliant feeds (formerly known as Simple Sharing Extensions), devices and web services.

Microsoft Sync Framework v1.0 is now RTM and is now available to download from http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=c88ba2d1-cef3-4149-b301-9b056e7fb1e6&displaylang=en

Sync Framework Highlights

·         Add sync support to new and existing applications, services, and devices

·         Enable collaboration and offline capabilities for any application

·         Roam and share information from any data store, over any protocol, and over any network configuration

·         Leverage sync capabilities exposed in Microsoft technologies to create sync ecosystems

·         Extend the architecture to support custom data types including files

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