SharePoint Development with Team Foundation Server (TFS)

Do you develop applications on SharePoint? Or SharePoint webparts?  Do you use TFS?  Would guidance around using TFS to develop custom SharePoint products?  Well, the SharePoint and TFS teams are working together to bring you that information.  You can find the first installment on there developer center at:

Using Team Foundation Server to Develop Custom SharePoint Products and Technologies Applications

This article discusses methods and strategies about how to use Team Foundation Build with SharePoint Server 2007 application projects, including recommendations and procedures to conduct automated and scheduled builds for SharePoint Server 2007 application development and deployment.

Here are some of the planned papers:

  • Assembly and Artifact Development Models for Office SharePoint Server 2007
  • Implementing Team Foundation Server as an ALM Platform for Office SharePoint Server 2007 Development
  • Deploying and Managing Office SharePoint Server 2007 Solutions
  • Leveraging Testing for Office SharePoint Server 2007

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