Dive into Surface Programming at PDC

If you are like me then you probably saw some of the demos of the Surface table and/or saw them live in an AT&T store, or at one of the Microsoft MTCs. Like me, you then probably thought: "wow, this is cool..." and you were wondering if you can get your hands on the SDK to see how to develop programs that use the touch interface. Well, at least I did ;-). Unfortunately, until now you could only get access to the SDK if you got your own Surface table and honestly, the $10,000 it currently sells for seemed to be steep, so I was out of luck.

This might change now! Below is the announcement for the Surface SDK sessions at PDC and they promise access to the SDK for all attendees (YEAH :-)). Here the blurb from the session description:

"This session introduces the newly available Microsoft Surface SDK. Hear about the unique attributes of Microsoft Surface computing, dive into vision-based object recognition and core controls like ScatterView, and learn how the Surface SDK aligns with the multi-touch developer roadmap for Windows 7 and WPF. Additionally, learn how you can become a part of the expanding partner ecosystem for Microsoft Surface and leverage your existing investments in WPF and Visual Studio to build engaging end user applications. Attendees will receive access to the Microsoft Surface SDK."


This will be only one of many perks you can get when attending PDC. Boy, do I wish I could attend..... But as for you, don't miss this chance, sign up for the PDC and check the sessions out.

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