Silverlight, Deep Zoom and .NET 4.0: Does it Get any Better?

Came across this in a post on the WPF Ribbon site on CodePlex and wanted to pass along to our readers.  Brad Abrams has a cool .NET Framework 4.0 poster online that is done using Silverlight’s Deep Zoom technology.  Check it out here.


Download Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio

With the new Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio, we make it easy for Visual Studio and .NET developers to build, debug, test, and deploy Web applications for our cloud platform. You can build an ASP.NET Web application using the same tools and techniques you use today – the experience is the same. The…


MSDN DevLabs Fosters Innovation

DevLabs has been launched to foster innovation in the developer community. The idea of the site is to release early bits and let you influence the direction of the projects shown on the site. Many of the projects come from Developer Division at Microsoft, the teams that build Visual Studio and the other developer tools….


Couldn’t get to PDC? Then Look for MDC in a Town Near You

That’s right, if you couldn’t get out to L.A. this week to attend PDC you’ll be interested in knowing that we are planning on hosting 1 day events around the US.  In these events we will present some of the key topics from PDC.  The cost is minimal at just $99 a person to attend…


WPF Goodness on CodePlex

If you’re a WPF developer, check out the WPF Toolkit up on CodePlex.  There were a few goodies announced yesterday at the PDC which were posted there, including: V1 of the DataGrid New DatePicker/Calendar control! Preview of VisualStateManager (VSM) for WPF (compatible with the VSM in SL) Also, a link to the WPF Ribbon Preview…


Live Services SDK Previewed

Many capabilities of the Live Services platform were demoed today, including how developers can build rich applications and experiences that can be extended to over 400 million users of the company’s Windows Live services such as Windows Live Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger. In addition, Live Services can be extended by ISVs through an SDK…


Office for the Web Demoed at PDC

The next version of Microsoft Office will include Office Web applications that will help improve productivity and enhance the desktop experience by enabling people to access, create, edit, share and collaborate on Office documents across multiple devices. New Web applications for Office were demoed at Professional Developers Conference. The applications are lightweight versions of Microsoft Office…


Windows 7 Beta To Ship Early 2009

Early version of Windows 7 was unveiled at Professional Developers Conference. Windows 7 extends developers’ investments in Windows Vista and encourages the creation of new applications and services for the Windows platform. Attendees receive a pre-beta version of Windows 7; the delivery of the beta version is scheduled for early 2009 to MSDN subscribers. Demos at…


Fun Little App – Just in Time for the Election…

Recently, I had mentioned that we were looking for ISVs to explore the XAML continuum by providing desktop versions of Surface applications.  Believe it or not, that’s not as easy as it sounds, but with a little extra effort and some smart factoring, you can do so (and probably leave your app more readily adaptable…