SQL Server 2008

I attended the second batch of SQL Server application compatibility labs at the New York City MTC.  The labs provided a great opportunity to test the compatibility of applications with the released SQL 2008 Server. The ISVs that participated in the lab guided by the MTCs SQL gurus were either keen on getting a jump start on the adoption of SQL 2008 or they just wanted to see what would be involved to upgrade to the new version of SQL.

Either way, the upgrade from SQL 2005 went mostly very smooth, with no or only minor changes necessary. Upgrades from SQL 2000 required in some cases a little more work since there were breaking changes from SQL 2000 to SQL 2008. In case you are interested to learn more or you want to run the lab on your site, just click here.

After the lab I went ahead and installed SQL 2008 on my Laptop and got into some trouble that the system asked me that there is a pending reboot. Even after multiple reboots the message did not go away and blocked the installation. If you are running into this, then you can find an answer here.

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