Software+Services, Windows 7 Resonate at PDC2008

At Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC2008), you’ll hear two primary themes resonating throughout the conference: Software+Services and Windows 7.  

Tim Sneath explains What You’ll Hear at PDC2008 in his blog, "It’s been three years since the last PDC. That's a lifetime in the software world. This year, we’ll be announcing a raft of new technologies that will impact every developer who focuses on Microsoft platform, whether your focus is Win32 or .NET, whether you specialize in server, mobile, web or desktop development."

Software + Services

You’re going to hear us reveal some significant new technologies at the PDC in this space. As Steve Balmer explained at Worldwide Partner Conference:

So what is the future? The future is about having a platform in the cloud, just as we have an operating system for the client, for the server, for devices. We will be launching a platform for the Internet cloud that lets you write programs and have them deployed and managed, that does computation and storage, and management, directly out in the Internet. We’re not getting rid of servers. We’re extending the basic programming model and management model that we know today from Windows and Windows Server to the cloud. 

Windows 7 

Very little has been released about Windows 7 so far.

But at PDC, we’ll unveil Windows 7 to the world for the first time this year. In fact, every PDC2008 attendee will get pre-beta bits of Windows 7 on a 160GB external USB hard drive packed full of all the bits we’re distributing at the event. Yes, that’s right – the DVD package was just getting too unwieldy to be able to effectively distribute all the SDKs, binaries, whitepapers etc. that we want to hand out. Much of this content will be exclusive to the PDC – we just can’t distribute this quantity of content any other way.

And More

And there’s more: 

  • PDC2008 is the place to hear about the future of Microsoft’s platform. You’ll hear from the actual engineers that architect and build our technologies, and they’ll blow your mind with everything they have to reveal.

  • And what about the UnSessions, better known as Open Space? It’s our conference-within-a-conference for attendees…Microsoft folks need not apply. You can also spend time in our Hands-On Labs, which is like a big sandbox for geeks like us.

  • Use your Jedi mind tricks to convince your boss to let you sign up for one of 10 super deep pre-con sessions, presented by industry experts and Microsoft technology leaders.

  • Hear Ray Ozzie, Steven Sinofsky, Bob Muglia , Scott Guthrie, David Treadwell and share their perspectives on the future of technology and computing. We call them keynotes, and you can expect some big news.

So, if you value your brain, we’d love to see you at PDC2008. Let us help you get your head above the clouds!

Register for PDC2008.

PDC preconference begins October 26. Conference runs October 27-30 in Los Angeles.

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