Simplify Creation, Deployment, Management of IE-8 Pacakges

The Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) 8 Beta simplifies the creation, deployment and management of customized Windows Internet Explorer 8 packages. IEAK 8 can be used to configure the out-of-box Internet Explorer 8 experience for your users to manage user settings after you deploy Internet Explorer 8.

Here is a quick overview of the tools included:

  • IEAK Toolkit. The IEAK Toolkit contains helpful tools, programs, and sample files, such as bitmaps and a sample sign-up.
  • Internet Explorer Customization Wizard. The Internet Explorer Customization Wizard browser guides you through the process of creating custom browser packages. When these packages are installed on your clients' desktops, they'll receive customized versions of Internet Explorer with the settings and options that you selected in the wizard.
  • Windows Installer (MSI). IEAK 8 supports creating an MSI wrapper for your custom Internet Explorer 8 packages to make enterprise deployment via Active directory possible.
  • IEAK Help. The IEAK Help includes many conceptual and procedural topics that you can view by using the Index, Contents, and Search tabs. You can also print topics from the IEAK Help.

IEAK 8 is now simpler, more intuitive, and more efficient than IEAK7.

  • Customize New Features in Internet Explorer 8: You can use the Internet Explorer 8 Customization Wizard to customize new features in Internet Explorer 8.

  • Accelerators. You can include custom defaults for Accelerators in Internet Explorer 8.

  • Web Slices. You can add Web Slices to your custom Internet Explorer 8 package.

  • First Run Wizard and Welcome Page options. You can configure the First Run Experience for Internet Explorer 8.

  • Compatibility View. You can choose if content is rendered in Internet Explorer 8 standards mode or Internet Explorer 7 mode. Note: By default all sites in the Intranet Zone are rendered in Internet Explorer 7 mode.

  • Search Enhancements. Internet Explorer 8 supports search providers which offer rich text and image suggestions. Through IEAK 8 you can add and configure these providers for your installer.

  • Many other Internet Explorer 8 features, such as InPrivate, Developer Tools and Delete Browsing History, can be customized in the Additional Settings page available in the Corporate license mode.

  • Get Your Package Built More Quickly: Internet Explorer 8 Customization Wizard has fewer pages than the Internet Explorer 7 Customization Wizard even with all the new supported features. This enables you to build your customized package more quickly.

  • Intuitive: Many screens have been redesigned to better optimize the overall flow of the wizard.

  • Full Language and Platform support: You can create custom Internet Explorer 8 packages for all platform and language combinations that support Internet Explorer 8. 

To download, see Internet Explorer Administration Kit 8 Beta Download.

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