Windows Ads Show ‘Life Without Walls’

The Seinfeld/Bill Gates Ads served as an icebreaker in a conversation about Windows. Now the campaign goes into the next phase. Ads tonight in the United States promote a new Windows tagline that communicates what Windows is all about — Life Without Walls. New TV spots called “I’m a PC” celebrate all of us who use Windows.

Life Without Walls underscores truth about Windows and reflects our passion to connect people to each other, to the devices they use, and to enable the experiences they want at work, at home, and at play.

In the U.S., you’ll also see new ads in print, online, on billboards, and in airports that showcase the unique ability of Windows to connect the digital pieces of consumers’ home and work lives across the PC, phone, and the Web.

You can see the view the ads at later tonight.

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