Windows Client Scenarios – Part 1

I've been spending a lot of time of late on Windows Client technologies (Native Windows, WPF, Silveright, and IE8), and have been thinking about some not-so-obvious scenarios where these could be applied.  As I started to catalogue them, I thought they might be interesting+useful to this community, and so I'm going to blog about them in no particular order here.

The first scenario I'll talk about is providing Media Center enhancements for Silverlight enabled websites.  If you're building a site - internal or external facing - with lots of streamed video content, Media Center extensions can be used to provide an enhanced experience for your end users.

Media Center programming is a little obscure, but there's some introductory information up on to get you started on it.  The APIs aren't too onerous, and they provide a great user experience for content management  - both for streamed and stored assets.  This model worked well for the NBC Olympics, and provided a nice companion for Vista users.  With a little additional work, a full WPF experience could be added as well.

This might be a good opportunity for someone to provide a means to easily enable this.

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