Social Bookmarking Comes to MSDN, TechNet, CodePlex, Expression

Technical professionals can better connect with each other, share knowledge, and succeed using social bookmarking on MSDN, TechNet, CodePlex, and Expression. The idea is to share and see the bookmarks that others share.

Social bookmarking was first available on TechNet back in May. IT Pros have saved their web favorites online, shared them with others, and have found out what others favor. That service is being previewed for sites that developer often use.

You can:

  • Subscribe to tags or people.

  • Browse or find users.

  • Import tools.

If you have your own blog or other website, our new bookmarking widget will make it easy for people to bookmark your pages directly to their social bookmarks on MSDN, TechNet, or Expression. You'll get traffic from Microsoft when your bookmarked page is published in "social feeds" on our global sites.

For more information, see John Martin's Blog entry Cool new things on MSDN, TechNet, CodePlex, and Expression.

 [Update.. see cslemp's comment]

Comments (1)

  1. cslemp says:

    Clarification: while we are working on integrating social bookmarking with the Codeplex site, there will not be a "codeplex-branded" bookmarking app in September. You can, however, bookmark any Codeplex page using MSDN Bookmarks.

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