Internet Explorer 8 Testers Sought, Prepare Your Site Now

For ISVs testing Internet Explorer 8, the team has set up a way to file bugs directly with the team. To do so, be part of the IE8 Technical Beta program on Microsoft Connect. Registration is required to join Connect.

In a blog posting, Wanted: IE8 Beta Testers, Program Manager Allison Burnett explains that the next beta would be seeking a wider audience.

A posting back in March Internet Explorer 8 Beta Feedback provided for several ways to provide feedback including public voting, report a Webpage problem, a newgroup, and automated customer feedback.

The feedback is important to the team because of the changes in Internet Explorer 8 to support Internet stardards by default over that the Microsoft protocols. IE8 will feature default compatibility with Web standards such as CCS 2.1 and HTML 5.

You can add a metatag at the site level or for individual pages so the IE8 browser will render the site or page as it does in Internet Explorer 7. For more information about the symptoms and details, see Your Web site may not display correctly in Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1. For more information about compatibility, see Internet Explorer Compatibility.

Joel on Software posted an article that explains the thought process behind the changes in his article Martian Headsets.

For more information about how to get your Web site ready for IE8, see Is Your Site Ready for Internet Explorer 8?

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