Xbox Games Developers Earn Profits This Holiday Season

You can sell video games for the Xbox 360 console — and keep most of the profits — beginning this holiday season.

As a Premium member in the XNA Creators Club, you’ll be able to submit any complete Xbox 360 game you’ve created in XNA Game Studio to the Creators Club community for peer review. Other Premium Creators will check to make sure your game is safe to play. If it is, you’ll set a price point – between 200 and 800 Points – that people will pay to download your game.

Once the game is reviewed and the price point set, you’re done. The game is listed on Xbox LIVE Marketplace, and you’ll get a check every quarter, for up to 70% of the game’s total revenue in your own currency. Depending on your game’s success, you may even have your game advertised on Xbox 360 and other Microsoft online properties.

Xbox LIVE Community Games is a new gaming service that is complementary to blockbuster retail games and Xbox LIVE Arcade. Xbox LIVE Community Games ultimately provides consumers with the best and broadest selection of gaming content available on any console platform to date.

Xbox 360 is the first video game console to invite everyone to create their own games and share the fun with millions of people online through Xbox LIVE Community Games.

Xbox 360 is the first platform to democratize game development by allowing developers to distribute their games to more than 12 million Xbox LIVE members and offering them the opportunity to benefit financially from their creations

Getting Started

First, download XNA Game Studio, the free game development tool from Microsoft. It’s free and works with Visual Studio or Visual C# Express Edition. If you’ve never made a game before, the XNA Creators Club website has tons of samples, tutorials, even whole video guides to game creation. Jump right in and start coding your dream game!

Next, join the XNA Creator’s Club. It’s a community of game creators. If you’re going to develop games for Xbox 360 and want to sell your game on Xbox LIVE Community Games, you’ll need a Premium membership. It’s just $99 per year or $49 for four months.

Finally, submit your finished game to the XNA Creators Club and watch the money roll in!

For more information, see the FAQ at Introducing Xbox LIVE Community Games

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