Live Mesh Preview Expanded

The Windows Live Mesh preview was broadened this week so you can get an early peek at the device and data synchronization services.

All participation requirements were dropped, except for having a Windows Live ID. The announcement was made on the Live Mesh community forum in a posting, Service update: new build, new features coming today.

The posting says, "The team has also been hard at work on our developer platform. We are on track to share that work with the world at PDC ’08 (Oct 27-30 in Los Angeles.)." PDC is the Platform Developer Conference where many announcements are expected concerning Microsoft's plans for Cloud Computing.

The posting continues, "Live Mesh is fundamentally a developer platform, and our goal is to enable a wide range of applications that build on our relationship directory and communications and synchronization infrastructure. If you haven’t seen Ori’s Channel 9 video on the platform, take a look to see what we’re getting at."

Live Mesh represents Microsoft's vision of interconnected devices and services, in which all devices can communicate with each other. Devices and PCs synchronize all kinds of data, from music and pictures to calendars and other information, using communication, management and storage services provided in the cloud. Developers could extend Live Mesh to include your own data.

For more information about Live Mesh as a developer platform, see Mike Zintel's article Live Mesh as a Platform.

To get started with Live Mesh, see the Live Mesh Home Page.

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