Meet the new blogmaster – Murray Gordon

Well, I've had a blast with this blog over the past couple years, and hope it become a source of useful information for ISVs.  My style was to let the team find its own style, but to also help guide posters to understand and respect the medium.  I hope that we've achieved that to some extent.

While I'll continue to post here, I'm handing over the stewardship of the blog to Murray Gordon.  Murray's a recent addition to our team based in the southeast US, and he's been posting quite a bit of late.  He'll be providing an updated look and feel for the blog, and will be guiding the tone and frequency of our postings from this point forward.  We hope to make this blog more interactive and more personal, so you can expect Murray to make changes along those lines.

To my team members that have posted here over the past couple years - thanks!  I hope it wasn't too much of a chore, but judging by the quality and volume of your postings, I suspect many of you enjoyed it.  I certainly learned a lot from you.

To everyone who's read, and especially to those who took the time to comment- thanks!  I don't think we've received one disrespectful or inappropriate comment, and I know we've received many that have spurred some good discussion.  I certainly learned a lot from you as well.

Murray - here you go...have fun with the gig!

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