Startups, Students Build Next Gen Apps at Silicon Valley Incubation Week

A week-long event that supports startups and students has begun at the Microsoft Technology Center in Silicon Valley. You can view the progress in action at the Incubation Week Facebook site.

Participants receive one day of training and three days of active prototyping and development time on their chosen application. The final day consists of packaging and reporting to a panel of judges.

Day 1 has been training. Days 2 - 4 includes assisted developer time. During lunch, participants learn from industry experts:

  • Joe Mullen from SNP: How to “inspiration model” for leading and driving their team forward.

  • Dave Blakley from IDEO: How business leaders can think about the confluence of design, innovation, engineering, sales, marketing, and finance.

  • Dan'l Lewn from Microsoft: How startups take shape in emerging businesses.

On Day 5 participants show off their applications.

The week-long adventure promises to open up the possibilities of both students and startups.

This week follows an Incubation Week event earlier in June in Boston.


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