Five Things the Boss Should Know About LINQ

I found an interesting article, Five Things the Boss Should Know About Microsoft's LINQ, written by John Paul Mueller who talks on CIO about LINQ from the developer manager point of view.

LINQ provides general-purpose query facilities that have been added to the .NET Framework apply to all sources of information, not just relational or XML data. This facility is called .NET Language-Integrated Query (LINQ).

Muller puts forward five points and looks at how they may save your developers time and shorten time to market:

  • Developers Can Access New Technologies Without Knowing Much About Them

  • Developers Can Create Complete Applications With Less Code

  • Developers Can Develop Applications in Less Time and With Fewer Errors

  • Combine Data Sources Without Resorting to Odd Programming Tricks

  • Get New Developers Working Faster

Mueller explains how LINQ code is reusable, how it is supported inside of native programming languages, how it handles complex queries in fewer lines of code with fewer errors.

For more information in how to get started using LINQ, see LINQ to SQL and see the other pages from there. For an overview video of how LINQ integrates with the C# language and how it compares to previous querying methods, see Whirlwind 8: LINQ.

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