Create, Process Open XML Documents Server-side Using PowerShell

You can script documents and spreasheets creation and proecessing on the server.

A new open source project, PowerTools for Open XML, is now up on Codeplex.  Processing Open XML documents server-side using PowerShell is a powerful approach for creating, modifying, and transforming Open XML documents.

PowerTools for Open XML are examples and guidance that show how to do this.  They consist of PowerShell cmdlets, and a number of example scripts that demonstrate the use of the cmdlets.  Examples include automated word processing document and spreadsheet generation, and preparing documents for distribution external to a company, including removing comments, accepting revisions, applying a uniform theme to them, and applying a watermark to them.

For an eight minute screen-cast shows how easy it is to install and use PowerTools for Open XML, see PowerTools for Open XML. For more information, see Processing Open XML Documents Server-Side using PowerShell on Eric White's blog.

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