Silverlight Clients Support Ruby, Python

You'll be able to use Ruby and Python to languages for you to create rich Internet application (RIA) in Silverlight on the client side. Ruby and Python are among the dynamic languages supported in Silverlight using the Dynamic Runtime Library (DLR).

The idea is to will not have to use JavaScript on the client side applications. While use of JavaScript for Web development has been called AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), we're referring to these capabilities as APAX and ARAX, with Python and Ruby replacing JavaScript in these new acronyms.

With Ruby, for example, you'll no longer have to use Ruby utilities to convert Ruby code to JavaScript. In addition to backing JavaScript, Silverlight 2 already supports development using C# and Visual Basic.

You can read more about the DLR and Silverlight at Scott Hanselman's blog entry, Iron Python and the DLR march on. You'll find a great resource list there too.

Silverlight 2 is to be released later this calendar year. You can get the latest beta from the Silverlight developer site. You can learn more about dynamic languages with Silverlight at Silverlight: Dyanamic Languages. There you'll find samples, quick starts, and link to the Silverlight Dynamic Language SDK.

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