Windows Embedded Standard 2009 Launches

Today we launched Windows Embedded Standard 2009, the successor to Windows XP Embedded.  You can get info at the launch site, but here’s just a few of the key facts:

  • Built on the trusted, secure Windows XP kernel – now with SP3.

  • Additional embedded features (write filters, custom shell, etc.).

  • 12000+ components to choose from for customized OS images.

  • New functionality: NETFx 3.5, Silverlight, IE7, WMP 11, RDP 6.1.

  • 10 years of professional support, starting at RTM in September 2008.

  • Smooth upgrade path from XP Embedded.

  • Toolkit Replacement Program: Buy the XP Embedded toolset (Windows Embedded Studio) today, get the WES 2009 toolkit for free when it RTMs.

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