Security Workshop Presentations

THANKS to all who attended and supported the Security Workshop in Redmond on May 6th and 7th.


The workshop was focused on ISVs, the objective was to get the ISVs in a room to talk about what Microsoft has done and is doing to make the platform more secure, how we have implement SDL IT and share the best practices, learning’s from our experiences as takeaways for ISVs to go and implement those practices in their development environment. We also talked about some tooling and guidance that will help ISVs to implement security from the very early on in their development cycle.

The second objective was to give them some peek into the security enhancements in our latest platform and products (Vista, SQL Server 2008)


You can download the slide deck of the workshop from the following location.


I will also be posting the recorded videos from the workshop after the post production is done (which is a bit of a lengthy process).

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