Site Launches for Startups and Investors, Startup Superstars

The guide to working with Microsoft for startups and their investors has launched as The core of the site is a set of blogs about industry trends, innovate startups, and how to work with Microsoft.

You'll find discounted developers tools in the Empower program and how you can become a Certified or Gold Partner for more benefits. You'll find a list of free Microsoft software too.

The Microsoft Startup Accelerator Program that highlights selected ISVs with their own Web page. You'll find more than 200 short success stories of how Microsoft technology or resources helped the startup succeed. You'll also find a link on how you can join the Accelerator Program.

Comments (2)

  1. JB says:

    The href for in your link has a typo.


  2. Bruce Kyle says:

    Great catch JB. I went ahead and fixed it. Thanks.

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