Meta-tag on Your Site Provides Internet Explorer Backwards Compatibility

Web standards interoperability in Internet Explorer 8 helps web developers and designers drive toward write once, run anywhere. The commitment in IE8 also addresses several development and design pain points from previous Internet Explorer releases. And there's some cool new features that ISVs are talking about.

However, browsing with this default setting may cause content written for previous versions of Internet Explorer to display differently than intended. This creates a call to action for ISVs to ensure their content will continue to display seamlessly in Internet Explorer 8. As such, we have provided a meta-tag usable on a per-page or per-site level to maintain backwards compatibility with Internet Explorer 7. Adding this tag instructs Internet Explorer 8 to render content like it did in Internet Explorer 7, without requiring any additional changes.

We are encouraging you prepare you sites now for broad adoption of Internet Explorer 8, as there will be a beta release in the third quarter of this year targeted for all consumers. To learn more and get started, please follow the step-by-step instructions at Your Web site may not display correctly in Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1.

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