Transitionals is Live

Some of you may recall I was very excited last year about a new project within Microsoft called Acropolis. Unfortunately Acropolis didn't make it past the research phase, but many of the things we learned from it are being applied to CAB and to Prism.

Still, there was a very cool feature I liked about Acropolis that never made it forward into another project. That feature was the ability to have more than one 'screen' share the same space by transitioning between them with movie-style effects or transitions. As I talked with some of my ISV's, I found they too were sad to see it go.

So when I was in Redmond last February I took a moment to chat with Scott Guthrie about brining this functionality to the community. Thanks to support from Scott and members of the Acropolis team (especially David Hill) the Transitionals project went live today.

For more information about Transitionals, please visit the CodePlex site:

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