Download Silverlight, Expression Blend betas available

The beta version of Silverlight 2 is available for download. Version 2 features support for managed code applications and for developing with multiple languages including Iron Ruby, Iron Python, JavaScript, and .NET. Silverlight 2 includes more than 40 controls and a rich set of .NET base cases. In addition, plans have been announced for Silverlight for Windows Mobile and work with Nokia for support on the Symbian OS. You can get Silverlight 2 for Windows or Mac OS X from a link on the Microsoft Silverlight site.

In addition, the beta for Expression Studio 2 is available. Expression Web includes support for PHP. Expression Web, Expression Blend, Expression Media Encoder, and Expression Design all include support for Silverlight 2. You can access the Expression Blend 2.5 March 2008 Preview which includes the full suite along with a number of programs to help users get started.

To learn more about how Expression Blend works with Silverlight 2, see First Look Using Expression Blend with Silverlight 2. For tutorials on Silverlight and how you can do cross platform, cross browser development, see First Look at Silverlight 2.

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