Silverlight Deep Zoom Goodies

My colleague and fellow WPF/Silverlight enthusaist Jack Nip ( pointed out some great resources on Silverlight Deep Zoom that I think would be of interest to the broader community, so I've decided to share it here.

For those of you unfamiliar with Deep Zoom, it's a technology that uses Silverlight's MultiScaleImage control to provide incredibly magnified detail of images without chewing up excessive storage, bandwidth, or CPU.  If you have data that fits the "sparse image" model (say, maps with detailed metro areas), this could be a means to build an amazing user experience into your apps.

Here are Jack's links...


A Deep Zoom Composer Example (including getting mousewheel support in IE, Firefox, and Safari) can be found out:


You can download the composer at:


Here’s a MIX08 session on how to use this composer (in the second example in the talk):

MIX08 CT06 - Applications = Designers + Developers


And finally, you can see DeepZoom in action at:


Have at it, and thanks Jack!


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