2007 Office System grows as development platform

Several developer technologies have been announced this week at the Office Developer Conference that ISVs can use to extend the familiar 2007 Office System user interface.

  • Office Live Small Business Winter ’08 edition.

  • New Office Business Application (OBA) sample application kits for SAP and Peoplesoft.

  • Version 1.1 of Visual Studio Extensions for Windows SharePoint Services.

  • The release to manufacturing (RTM) of the BizTalk adapter pack.

  • A new OBA component library for financial services.

Office Business Applications (OBA) turn document-based processes into real applications. Office Live Small Business Winter ’08 release provides a developer opportunity to service more than 550,000 small businesses. The BizTalk Adapter pack is a set of application adapters for Siebel, SAP, and Oracle to enable customers to surface line-of-business data directly into familiar interfaces such as 2007 Office system or any client using web services.

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  1. Bruce Kyle says:

    I recently met with the Visual Studio Tools for Office team. And if you’re building on the Office platform, this is a must-have link. There are tons of tips and source code that make life easier in building on the Office platform. I found the article on how to deploy made my life a lot easier. And the source helped answered my questions on how to get started in hooking up my own app in Word with a database or services. Here’s the link: http://blogs.msdn.com/vsto

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