Hello from TechReady6 or "Where’s my ISV AE?"

So, this past week I'm sure many of you have been wondering where your ISV AE has been.  Perhaps you called and got a voicemail message telling you they were out, or you've emailed and gotten back a nice OOF message.  Well, we've all been holed up in Seattle since Saturday morning for our annual (it's actually semi-annual but we each only attend once a year) internal training/readiness event called TechReady. 

TechReady is a Microsoft event that brings about 6000 of Microsoft's field people together for training from the product groups.  We spend a week hanging out in sessions learning about what's coming, or, in some cases, just catching up with what's out there already.  Here's a few of the people we've been picking the brains of this week:

  • Anders Hejlsberg
  • Scott Guthrie
  • Scott Hanselman
  • Rob Tiffany
  • Brian Harry
  • Steve Ballmer
  • Bill Gates
  • and many others

While we were he we used our one free night to have a team meeting.  I recorded just a quick one minute video of out entertainment for the night, provided by our very own Patrick Foley.  Here's a clip:


Comments (3)

  1. Patricf says:

    Intonation is the first thing to go. Or maybe it was the rhythm.

    Ah well, my job doesn’t leave me time to practice …

  2. jpelak says:

    you’re intonation is fine (provided you intended to play in E)  🙂

    you freakin’ rock, man!

  3. So I’m up here in Redmond at TechReady. It’s a super secret event that we get to go to once

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