Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0: S+S WebCast

Are you looking to build solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Live or planning to host your solutions on the cloud? Microsoft Dynamics CRM comes in three flavors including “On-Premise”, “Partner Hosted” and Microsoft Hosted “CRM Live”. Whether you already have a S+S business model or are looking to extend your applications to the cloud, participating in the exclusive CRM S+S program in Metro (including CRM “Partner Hosted” & CRM Live environments) will help you take your solutions there .


Join us for the live webcast on Feb 5th, to learn more about the opportunity and enrollment details . Find out more about the exclusive CRM S+S program in Metro and  how to get hands-on-experience with the upcoming trainings and technical resources to  build Software + Services (S+S) solutions for the cloud using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform.


Date: Feb 5th 2008 8.00 am PST


-      Ben Riga (Sr. Evangelism Manager - Dynamics , DPE, Microsoft )

-      Subhashini Simha Khanna ( Program Manager – Dynamics and Office for Metro, DPE, Microsoft )


You may register here.


Sanjay Jain

Microsoft Dynamics ISV Architect Evangelist

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  1. We would like to know how to implement CRM 4.0 multi tenancy and Multi Organization installation guidelines and Configuring the items.

  2. We are planning to install and do a prototype of CRM4.0 Multi-tenancy feature and check for our implementation on client side.

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