Hello Secure World

Today, web application development is more complex than the traditional stand-alone or client/server approach to writing software.  Web developers have to be familiar with the complicated ways that web servers and browsers interact, the fundamentals of internet communications, and most importantly, the whole host of attacks web applications undergo on the internet.


Welcome to the new world of security-aware web applications.  Welcome to HELLOSECUREWORLD.COM

What is HELLOSECUREWORLD.COM? It is an awareness program to engage developers in a fun and exciting way to build knowledge around security in application development. In addition, developers can share information about secure coding for today’s internet-based computing environment.  It features an array of online and offline customer activities ranging from MSDN events, to security virtual labs, to video presentations on a new website. 


δ    A new security test-drive site highlighting the common attack scenarios on web applications and mitigation strategies

δ    A series of video interviews with security experts, including one from a Novell Distinguished Engineer, Tammy Green

δ    Sneak-peek at three BlueHat video presentations, the first time any such presentations are shown to the public

δ    A series of 46-city MSDN road shows on the next generation of Web Security (starting in Jan ‘08 until end Feb ‘08)

δ    A collection of graphic illustrations on secure coding tips and handling attacks

δ    New “How Do I” videos on topics including: encryption, membership, CardSpace, and other security technologies

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