Visual Studio 2008 Comparisions Available

It's been a popular request to find how to compare the various versions of Visual Studio 2008. Here are some links to compare features:

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  1. danieldsmith says:

    What we *really* need is a comparison between the Professional Edition and Team Suite.

    Our company only has a technet subscription so we only get the Pro version.  As far as I can see, Pro doesn’t come with built in code analysis, the new hot path stuff, etc. but it would be nice to have a full list.


  2. Chris Rathjen on TFS Configuration Survey: Follow up. Bruce Kyle on Visual studio 2008 Comparison Available….

  3. Delie says:

    I agree with Dan actually.  It needs to be a lot more obvious.  

    It frustrates me that every time Microsoft brings out a new product there has to be 10 different versions of it, and then I have to work out what each version gives me.  I do like the choice, but I would prefer it if the information was more readily available upon product launch.  

    Feature / cost comparison charts please.  That’s not too much to ask 🙂

  4. danieldsmith says:

    There is now a full comparison matrix of all the different versions here:

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