Sometimes walkie – talkies are more fun than a megaphone

We as a team greatly enjoy sharing thoughts and information with you via this blog, and judging by the number or readers we have, you folks seem to find it useful as well.

One of the limitations of this medium is the fact that the conversation is largely one way.   We have a 'cyber-megaphone' and we get to talk :).

In addition to this blog, we wanted to help foster a 2 way (well actually many way) conversation.  To this end we have established a group on FaceBook called "My Company Writes and Sells Software".  Through the use of this group, we  will all be able to share our thoughts and ideas using the discussion forums and other posting mechanisms.

Please come and join the party!

You can find the group in the FaceBook directory.  It is named "My Company Writes and Sells Software" and can be found under the Internet & Technology - Software categories.  

Here is the direct link (note this works best if you are already a FaceBook Member).

We look forward to sharing ideas with you!



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