Acropolis code, documentation, samples available

Although there won't be any future versions of Acropolis, the team has released the final community technology preview (CTP) online. There is an ongoing forum, code, documentation, and samples available for those who may be interested.

Perhaps I am over simplifying it, but Acropolis was to be a set of tools as the next generation Smart Application. The idea was about composing Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications from reusable parts and services. Acropolis might have replaced the Composite UI Application Block (CAB).

If you have evaluated Acropolis and are unsure whether to adopt it for your project, or to use the existing CAB, or to wait for the new guidance, our guidance remains the same.

  • If you are building a Windows Forms line of business (LOB) composite client (with maybe rich islands of WPF content) you should carefully evaluate the current CAB release.

  • If you are specifically interesting in building composite applications on .NET 3.5, please get involved with the Patterns & Practices Smart Client project and help us to deliver a guidance package that meets your requirements.

You can download Acropolis from site.

To learn more about the WPF Composite Client and the Smart Client Software Factory, see the Smart Client site on Codeplex.

If you want to learn more about Windows Forms, WPF, and all about client deployment, see the Windows Client site. You'll find pointers to forums, blogs, hands on labs, virtual labes, infomration on integrating Windows Forms and WPF, and technical articles.

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