Sneak Peak – SQL Intellisense

In the spirit of continuing to wet your appetite for the next CTP of SQL Server 2008, I thought I would give you a glimpse of the T-SQL Intellisense functionality that is coming for SQL Server Management Studio...

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  1. Andy Leonard says:

    The next CTP of SQL Server 2008 promises to have Intellisense functionality! :{> Andy

  2. Leonid Shirmanov says:

    Hi, when we might expect the next CTP of SQL Server 2008? Thanks!

  3. Jeremy Hilder says:

    This is great, will it make it to all versions of sql tools. Like the express products and visual studio?

  4. M says:

    That’s certainly a great feature, but could you do something about the performance! SQL 2000 and SQL 7’s enterprise manager is several orders of magnitude faster than the Management Studio

  5. Wally Kolcz says:

    Can you connect SQL Server 2008 to the 2005 Management studio or do they have a tool available?

  6. Tad says:

    looks great, but I just pulled the 2008 CTP VHD from MSDN and intellisense is not enabled as far as I can see. Hitting F1 shows


    Intellisense not implemented for Transact SQl editors.

    Is this accurate, should we be waiting for the next CTP for intellisense?

  7. ZachSkylesOwens says:

    Intellisense is included in the November CTP…  I’ll pull down the VHD from MSDN and see why that might be happening.

  8. ZachSkylesOwens says:

    If you are anxious to try this out you could install on bare-metal.

  9. Bruce Kyle says:

    Tad… I just got a note from Zach Owens. I looked into this and it appears that MSDN subscriptions site still has CTP4 which is not the current CTP!  I’ve let the team know and they are working to fix it.  This may be the problem you are having with Intellisense.  You can download the November CTP (a.k.a CTP5) from

  10. Louis says:

    Will it have Code formatting too? Like Ctrl-E,D in Visual Studio?

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