Paper defines SaaS hosting needs for ISVs

Gianpaolo Carraro and his team have put together a white paper that discusses the sometimes quirky relationship between ISVs wanting to deliver their software as a service (SaaS) application and their hosters.

ISVs are from Mars, and Hosters are from Venus puts forward the notion that ISVs are reimplementing operational components by necessity, not because thos additions provide significant value to differentiate core features. For software vendors, most of the redundant work could be eliminated if the same operations functions could be found from third parties specializing in SaaS hosting.

Based on conversations with both ISVs and hosters, the paper describes a framework that could be provided by services that host SaaS application. The acronym is called FCAPS for:

  • Fault

  • Configuration

  • Accounting

  • Performance

  • Security Management

The paper describes what such a framework might include and what design for hosting guidance to the software vendor could include.

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